Some advantages and disadvantages of BBWs and skinny women

In our modern society, many people seek for their love through dating. And a lot of people think that all the men are interested in skinny women, because they have good body shapes and always look very sexy. But as a matter of fact, there are still some men prefer dating with BBWs. So, we can see that both of BBWs and skinny women have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here, i would like to list some of them to you.

At first, let’s say something about BBWs. If you have some plus size women friends in the daily life, it is not difficult to find that oversize people are often look very cute and easy to get along with compared with some skinny people. In my personal view, this is a very obvious advantage for the skinny women and it will give those men a great impression which is good for the BBW dating. On the other hand, have you ever think about it–why BBWs are much fater than others? I think one of the main reason is that they are foodies and attach more importance to the food they eat. So, if you date with a BBW, you have many opportunities to enjoy lots of delicious food with her, this is another advantage. And what’s more, BBWs always focus on the food and seldome spend time shopping or making up, as a result, they have much time to stay with the man she dated with, it’s good for their relationship. But on the contrary, if you eat a lot, your figure will be influenced easily, i mean you may become fater and fater, it is not a good thing for you i think. That’s the disadvantage of BBWs. Then, let’s move on to the next point and talk something about skinny women. Many skinny women have strict diets or even go on diets in order to keep their body shapes. And at the same time, you can follow her diet, it will help you keep your figure too, it’s an advantage. But in contrast, skinny women often like to make up and go shopping to buy something new, it means that they cannot always accompany with you if you need, you will feel a little bit lonely maybe. And the final point is that skinny women are easy to face many problems during their pregancy, their babies may be weaker than other normal infants sometimes.

All in all, actually my intention of talking about this topic is not to ask you to choose a BBW or a skinny woman, i just want to let you know more about it. And in fact, we cannot say BBW or skinny woman is good or bad, because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that you can find your own favorite and enjoy yourself during the relationship.


Some good dating apps for BBW and their admirers

Today, online dating is very popular all over the world. Because most people think it is very convenient for them compared with those traditional dating ways. You just need to download a dating app, input some information about what kind of person you want to seek for, and finally you will get a result. Is that great for you? Yes, actually i think so! People always have more options when they have dates on the Internet and it is beneficial for most of them. And what’s more, there are a lot of dating apps for those plus size women(i mean BBW) and their admirers. Though, nowadays, BBW dating is catching on in many developed countries, such as America, Frence and some western countries as well. It means that you still have chance to date those plus size women in Asia or Africa if you were a plus size woman admirer. As a matter of fact, there are many advantages which have been known by those admirers to date a plus size woman. And here, i’m going to introduce some best dating apps which may help you succeed easily.

To begin with, the dating app is Large Friends, which was developed by Successful Match company. And there are lots of dating participants who come from different countries. By the way, it is estimated about billions of moving love stories on this dating app. That’s a great success i think! On the other hand, this app provides an open and free environment for those plus size women. So, they can have a free talk with each other relaxily and they may make some new friends on this app. That sounds great, right? The second app is Curvy. This app is not only a dating app, but also a special place for BBW. You can communicate whatever you want with those BBW and you may make some genuine friends there. More importantly, this app is suitable for those plus size people who want to change their lives. The third app is WooPlus. As a plus size woman, you can brevely share your ideas there and have high possibility to find your admirer soon. It is an efficient app i think, and it will help you get a good result finally i think.

As far as i am concerned, these apps offer much convenience for plus size women and their admirers. And i hope people all can find their love on it as soon as they can.


The Reasons Why BBW Dating So Popular In UK

Because of the convenience and efficiency, online dating apps become more and more popular among the single men and single women over the past few years. There are all kinds of online dating apps in the market including BBW dating app, sugar daddy dating and gay dating. BBW dating is a special dating app for plus size dating, for those who want to find a plus size man or woman. Curvy dating hits popularity in United Kingdom few years ago. Maybe you are curious about the reasons, mentioned below can help you find the answer.

1.United Kingdom is one of those countries where you can feel free and comfortable. In the United Kingdom, it’s quite free when it comes to dating styles and no any restrictions. Whether you are looking for funny and loving curvy women or slim and gorgeous ladies, you will find the ideal partner in the UK.

2.There is no doubt about the fact that UK is the place where contains a variety of cultures. When it comes to mixed culture, people will certain to think about aspect of beauty standards. As a matter of fact, everyone has their own beauty and should show it to the world without fear.

3.For instance, one of the most popular singers named Adele is a plus size woman can be successful. She’s glamour even despite of her curves, and got popularity around the world. Besides, she has stable and comfortable relationship with her longtime partner. Her personality makes these plus size girls more confident who are living in UK,  particularly talk about the dating life.

4.UK’s people eating habits also lead to the popularity of BBW dating. In UK, there are tons of fast food restaurants which certainly increase the number of chubby people. In theory, since the growing people who are struggle with weight, find a longtime partner become more and more difficult to plus size people. However, many plus size people are getting their personal success in finding love through the BBW dating apps.

5.UK is well known from independence, democracy and freedom. BBW and their admires often organize special parties and events, it makes plus size dating more popular. Therefore, more and more people including all United Kingdom and many tourists from abroad joining BBW activities to meet their perfect matches.

6.If you are looking for a special dating life like BBW dating, then for sure you should go to UK. Because this country is open minded and dating life is so advanced that many tourists visit UK for a original dating trip. Not only you might find pretty curvy women who will meet your needs but you might bring her to your home.

To many, everyone has the right to pursue love. No matter how chubby and ugly they are. And everyone has their own aesthetic standard, it’s important that we need to have full confidence and hope. BBW dating community provides a platform for people who want to find chubby men or chubby women. Due to UK is a country of culture freedom, you have more opportunities to find your ideal chubby partner in UK.


SugarD is the No.1 sugar daddy dating app for hooking up sugar babies

SugarD is the most popular and the greatest sugar daddy app where beautiful young sugar babies can find generous and wealthy sugar daddies for financial support. Of course, rich and successful men can also find ways to reach sweet young ladies for a mutually beneficial relationship. This wonderful sugar daddy app offers a perfect platform for sugar daddies and sugar babies to make it easy for them to get connected with each other within a short time. If you are looking for a sugar daddy to help you live a better life or you are looking for a young lady to spoil, then SugarD is the right choice for you.

SugarD has a variety of quality members online. Although it is not easy to tell whether a platform has active members or not, it will make sure that you can meet lots of real sugar daddies and sugar babies here. And the most important is that there are hundreds of new members joining it everyday to strengthen its member base, making your dating on this sugar daddy app easier and adding more fun to your dating life.

This platform is easy to navigate. It takes less than one minute for you to become a member. After creating an account, you will be a registered member of SugarD and you can start to find and meet sugar daddies and sugar babies to find the one that meet your need. It is recommended to complete your profile since others will get to know you from there. If they see nothing in your profile, they may think you are not engaged or not active. You will lose lots of opportunities to meet your potential matches. If you are not serious about meeting a perfect partner to form a mutually beneficial arrangement, then don’t waste your time and you can go elsewhere to do things that you like.

This sugar daddy dating app has a beautiful modern design, which makes it better than most of those dating apps out there. The design is clean and comfortable for members to use. And the main colors match the theme of this sugar dating. So, members love to use this app when they have free time.

SugarD knows it is important to protect its members’ information. The app has an advanced system to profile members’ privacy and will not sell information to any third parties. Fake profiles are not allowed to be here because its customer support will manually review all new profiles.

SugarD is a great sugar daddy app for sugar daddies and sugar babies who are trying to find a perfect partner for a sugar relationship. It offers those rich men and young women a safe and comfortable dating environment to allow them meet and talk with each other easily.


How to Join the BBW Tinder Dating App

The sign up process is easy, which will save you much time for browse others’ profiles online. All you need to do is follow the steps to provide the very basic information of yourself, which including your gender, age, ethnicity, location, and one of your valid email address. Then create a username and password. After several steps, your profile is ready to go. The next step, you will create some paragraphs to state who you are and describe what kind of person or what kind of BBW relationship you desire for.

That will allow other members to get a better understanding of you and attract more potential matches to reach you. Just be honest and include several words to make it work for you. As for uploading your profile photo, the last step for you to be a registered member, you can upload one of your best-looking photos here to make your profile completed to leave a good impression on others. Or if you still doubt what you will get on this BBW women app, you can do it later. Remember that do not post fake photos that you download from the internet or some inappropriate photos here. Or they will be deleted and even your profile will be deleted. Then you will get to the app and have access to all the profiles online. Next, let’s see what you can do with this app to make your dream come true.

Other good things to weave into this copy include: awards won, distinctions given, number of products sold, company philosophy (just keep it short), interesting company history bits, and anything that makes a reader think you’d be awesome to do business with.


The app is free for plus size women, big men and their admirers to join and they can access to all the features on the app to find what they want with it. All the features here are basic and easy for its members to navigate.
Create a personal profile and add up to 26 photos
Create a private photo album to give access to your potential matches to know more about you
Get your photo verified by contacting the customer support to show others you are real
Post your first date ideas to see whether there are singles sharing the same thoughts with you
Get members’ profile list based on Last login, Distance and Newest
Search members according to your needs
Send wink to those you are interested in and add them to your favorite list
Check the list of who visited you, who winked at you, who liked you and who you liked
Post moments regularly to allow others to reach you easily
Play spark to find more potential matches and get notice if there are mutual matches
Contact customer support when you have problems, suggestions and complaints
And so on…


If you are looking for a great dating app for plus size singles, then this app will definitely meet your needs. It boasts some of the greatest features and a huge member data base, which can help you find the one who truly loves and respects you. Anyway, it is for sure the best BBW dating app for you to have a try. Moreover, the app boasts a huge number of members, which will guarantee all its members can meet and connect with thousands of like-minded people here. And it has an efficient customer support team, which can offer better service to its members without any delay.

Get the No.1 BBW App


When You Feel Unhappy with Your BBW Girl

Dating a BBW girl is actually a short term relationship for some single men and big young ladies to get what they want from each other. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that may not involve interests and love from two parties. So, it may be easy to get tired or unhappy in a relationship with a curvy lady that you don’t really into him. But wanting to get away from him is not easy since there are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you make the final decision.

Chubby girls need to consider financial issues. It is believed that your premier reason to find a rich man is to search for his financial help for your life or your career. So, the moment when you want to leave him for your freedom and happiness, you need to consider that how much your life depends on him and whether you can survive for a while without him. If he is your main financial resource and your life will be a disaster without him, then you’d better try to stay with your sugar daddy to prevent being a beggar. However, if you have your own income and he seems like already losing his interest in you, you can try to talk with him and to share your thoughts. If there is no way out, you can simply choose to walk away.

Big beautiful women need to figure it out if he tries to be your boyfriend. BBW Date relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship, which means that two parties get what they need from this relationship without developing any emotions. However, if you find that your boyfriend tries to make it serious and cares more about you than ever, you may feel uncomfortable and want to stop it from developing. At this time, you should consider it very carefully. Do you want to keep this relationship or not? Assuming that he hasn’t married, do you want to make it serious? Do you mind marrying a rich man who are much older than you? If you clear your mind and think about these questions carefully, you may get an answer.

Sexual life should also be one of your concerns. Usually, BBW babes are much younger than sugar daddies, which means that most bbw girls may not be satisfied with their sexual life. Since sex can be a big part in a relationship, you have to think about it if you are really uncomfortable in the bedroom. However, you don’t have to make decisions by your own. Remember that everything is negotiable.


Are you singles looking for BBW Dates?

Are you single and worrying about your big body will stop you from finding someone to date or for a relationship? If so, you can try BBW dating app, an app that especially made for BBWs, BHMs and their admirers to meet each other for love, relationship and marriage. This BBW women app is a community for plus size singles with all features accessible to all members. It not only has a decent active user base, but also receives hundreds of new members everyday, which increase your chance of finding an ideal match easily and efficiently.