Three Hookup Tips for College Students Soon to Be

Finally! The days come! After so many years, you can finally enjoy your adult life out in the open. College time would be the transitional period. Some of you might be ready for some real sexual fun, while some might still want to wait for the right person to come along. Either way you choose, there is no right or wrong. However, there are indeed some set principles in having a pleasant and safe dating experience.

Any form of sexual behavior should have its’ boundaries. To make sure a favorable experience, there should be rules. Just like any well-operated company. Rules ensure success. Unless you are exclusive for each other, condom is a must, even if you are taking pills. Condom does not only prevent you from unplanned pregnancy, it can also prevent you from catching sexual transmitted diseases. When it comes to condom, less people do they know there are also internal condoms. External condoms are very common. They are often used in penis and toys, while internal condom is often used in female. Don’t forget to use condom when perform orally. Condom is also necessary during handjob. It can prevent your genitals from bacterial infection.

Only 25% people can have orgasm by stimulating clitoris. That’s right. If you find it very hard to have orgasm or you have never had orgasm, then you might be the majority of people how can’t have orgasm by stimulating clitoris. Usually, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to warm up for real sexual fun. By prolong this period of time can increase the chance of orgasm. If not, you can always hire some help, like a sexual toy. Don’t be shy to bring up this topic if you are not having enough fun. Talk about it with your adult dating partner. Buy some toys and lubricant. Try anything that might make your sexual life better. Different position also helps sometimes.

Using help doesn’t make you a loser. Many people were planted with such idea in their mind that “you shouldn’t use lubricant because your body should generate enough to make it work!” Well, this is a lie! Due to different health status, many people might find it a little harder to generate enough liquid during sexual life. That’s very common among all females. Don’t make such a big deal out of it. Even if you have enough liquid, lubricant can still be a great help for making your sexual life much more pleasant, because you can reach orgasm much easier with it. It can also prevent condom from breaking. Therefore, lubricant is also a help for safe sexual behavior. Do not hold such a big grudge against it.