As a transgender woman, how can you save your relationship with a woman?

There is a timeless saying, to give love, love yourself first. It's a cliche, but it applies to everyone, especially transgender women who are in a relationship with a woman.

When you have a wardrobe full of all kinds of clothes, it's hard to choose which one to wear. Just like in love, when you hide a lot of things your relationship is hard to develop. There should be transparency between two people in a relationship so both parties can focus on nurturing their relationship rather than keeping it secret.

Hiding a lot of things from your partner will only create stress in your relationship. She's always around and you can't stop her from noticing the subtle changes in your lifestyle.

Understandably, you're worried that the woman you live with will object to your transgender identity. But you can't put all your energy into this, because no matter how many times you think about it, you won't know her real reaction until you tell her the truth.

In fact, true love knows no boundaries. When your partner finds out you're a transgender woman, she may not have the best reaction. But if her love is pure and sincere, she will eventually understand. If she loves to win, she will realize how wonderful you are. She'll appreciate your honesty, and she'll be happy to see you walk out the door brimming with happiness. Admitting you're transgender doesn't diminish your love for your girlfriend or wife. Make her feel like you'll support her no matter what happens. Here are some tips to help you save your relationship while enjoying femininity.

1.Remember that your goal is to show your true self to your partner without inhibitions. Try to be gentle until she gets used to it. Stay with her but this time you can do something more feminine, like have a spa or beautify your nails.

2.Always be patient and remind her how important she is to you. Let her know how much you love her and promise not to hide anything from her.

3.Don't hold a grudge against her if she's not feeling well.Give her time to adjust to the situation.

4.When you feel that she has fully accepted, then you can clearly express what makes you happy. Because she loves you because she loves everything about you, she will eventually find joy in whatever you like.

5.Make sure she knows when you're making friends. You can join a transgender dating site but be honest with her. If she thinks you tend to have multiple sexual partners at the same time, assure her that you won't have sex with anyone else.

6.By reading more about transgender people, she may also explore a ts dating site to increase that knowledge.

7.Let her talk to women who have had the same experience with him, so she can understand how to keep your relationship going.

8.Seek professional help if you feel the need. There are professional mediators who can help you with this.


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