Condom, condom, condom! Please do wear it!

It is never too serious to stress wearing condom when it comes to threesomes. You can’t imagine how many people got STD from lovemaking every year. Threesome means it includes three persons. The chance of getting STD is also doubled by the number of people involved. For example, in a FFM threesome, sometimes, it is inevitable that the male will penetrate two females. Many of them tend to just use one condom during the whole process. Actually, that is very dangerous. The body fluid of the two females can also be passed to each other even if there is no direct contact between them. Also, there is gynecopathy. That is also infectious. Wearing condom can not only prevent unplanned pregnancy. It can also prevent people from STDs that are very difficult to cure once you have it. Even though STDs are not such a big disease compared to cancer that could lead to life danger, it can still bring major inconvenience to your fet life. Therefore, before everything is too late, wear condom and protect yourself.

I had such similar experience once in my life. Lucky for me, I didn’t get any incurable STDs, just some stubborn, but curable gynecopathy. Still, it made me suffered for quite a long time.

My husband and I were very experienced swingers couple. Usually, we would always wear condom when we have threesome with someone. There was one time, just one time, we didn’t wear, and I got it. What are the odds!

Tinder for swingers apps are usually the places where we go and find threesome dating partners, because we think it is easy and efficient. We are both slothful persons who don’t care to go outside and explore the unknown and uncertainty. So every time we feel like to have a threesome, we would go to threesome dating sites. But it can be dull even for threesome. One day, we were swiping the profiles in the couch, we suddenly didn’t feel like to have couple dating with strangers. We wanted to invite someone we knew, a common friend of us who was also a swinger. That was what we did. We made a call and invited her over for dinner. One thing led to another. We ended up having a threesome hookup.

Usually, we would wear condom. We followed very strict rules of safety when having threesome with strangers, because we knew nothing about them. Who knows what kind of person she was with. However, this time is different. She was someone we both are familiar with. She would tell us if she had some illness. We trusted her. It would really be much better without condom, so we insisted to not wear condom even though she said we should, but she didn’t tell us the reason.

After the threesome, about several days later, my vagina started to itch heavily. I asked her, she told me that she had the same symptoms before, but she cured it. She thought it might be okay, since she was already cured. It took me several months to cure it. My husband and I didn’t perform sexually during that time. It was a very good lesson for both of us. I should be lucky that she didn't have herpes or HIV.


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