Dare to reveal the real you in your online BBW dating profile

Your online BBW dating profile is designed to let others know who you are, your personality and what you like, so that people can get a feel for you and know what your atmosphere is. Ideally, your resume should include an opening line that will make it easier for plus size people to get in touch with you. But how do you make sure you stay real and show the real you?

1.Don't try to be everything to everyone

If you are quiet and conservative, don't be afraid to show off, because you are more likely to attract people who like you. If you're a daydreamer, celebrate your imperfections in the game. If you really like books, talk about your favorite book or your current favorite book. If you're the life of the party, put up a picture of yourself laughing. The more specific, the better. There are many opportunities to express your personality in your curvy dating profile (we offer detailed profiles at Match, where you can talk about anything from your dream vacation to the fun things you love to do).

2.Write your BBW profile in your own style

If you're passionate, use "I can't figure it out" or "something I'm crazy about right now" to describe what you like. If you are a humorous person, write a humorous profile. If you are not, then there is no need to try to be humorous. Use your style and tone to write your chubby dating profile.

3.Add your personal information through "friend filter"

It's usually our friends who know us better than we do, so show them your BBW hookup profile and ask them if it reflects the real you, the people they know and like? If you don't get their help, ask them to describe you and your strengths to make them stand out in your resume. Ask them to help you find photos that really reflect your true identity. So, if you like skiing, put a picture of yourself on the slopes, or if you really like yoga, put a picture of yourself that reflects that. If you need some new photos, set up a mini photo shoot!

4.Don't be afraid to scare off some people. It's not a popularity contest

Imagine that the more you expose who you really are, the more you filter out people who aren't right for you. Not everyone wants to BBW date the life of the party, so if you're not, don't try to be one. If you're feeling a little weird, show it and own it. Dare to be yourself and you can't go wrong.


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