How to have a safe hookup with the people you met online?

Many people don’t trust finding one night hookup on tinder dating apps, because they think it is dangerous to sleep with people they don’t know. Actually, hooking up with people on hookup apps and tinder dating apps is not much different from hooking up with people in real life. You all start with strangers unless you are going to hookup with your friends, which seems like a bad option. With the right method, hooking up with people on hook up apps and tinder dating apps can also be safe and sound, but you have to break the barrier set by yourself in your mind. Here I am going to tell you how I usually have one night hookups with people I met online. I had many experiences in this and I think I might be able to say a few words in this.

When I build up a profile, I wouldn’t put up any photos that are too exposed. As a conservative person myself, I don’t wear that kind of clothes in my life actually, so there isn’t really much to show. I also know the fact that there are many people, males and females who have perfect body shape. They definitely should be proud of it. I even envy them sometimes I saw a pretty lady with beautiful breasts and butt. I couldn’t help but kept looking back at her when she passed by. They definitely have the right reason to be proud, but don’t show too much in your profile. Maybe just a little bit of your cleavage might be enough. It is really not necessary to expose them all out in the open. Sometimes, a little mystery might work even better. As for guys, you might have the number one biggest dick in the world, but it really doesn’t matter so much for most girls, because they cannot handle it. It’s just too painful for them. You are probably scaring them away. Besides, these days, less and less girls appreciate such body art outside the art exhibition. Please hide them properly in your pants. Showing off can only expose your desperateness.

Don’t sleep with him/her in your first date. If this is your first time meeting each other, it might be better if you just focus on finding out what kind of person he is. I never sleep with the person in our first date and I never intend to, because it would interfere my judgement of that person once I intend to sleep with him. You will not be able to think clearly with your mind once you have this idea of getting in bed with that person. In that case, your instinct is no longer trust-worthy, while instinct is the best way to protect yourself from danger. With your instinct, you can tell whether this person in front of you is harmless or might be dangerous.

These are the two most important tips for you to have a safe hookup with people from hookup apps. I hope they can be useful to you.


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