How to protect transgender people?

A recent research shows that there is one transgender person being killed in every three days, let alone suicide, and other causes of death. Most of transgender people are killed only because they are transgender people. Transgender people are human beings, they are the same with other people. I'll never look down on transgender people, but I'm not sure that everyone can respect them. Many trans people are living unsafe, especially transgender people of color. They need a safe and friendly living environment. There are 6 ways of protecting transgender people.

1. Safe camera systems

Safe camera system is especially needed for transgender people, it's the best way to protect transgender people. Any thieves or murderers cannot escape from the camera system, under the help of camera system, transgender people can live safer than before. We all know that many transgender people murdering cases are unsolved, because there are no evidences and eyewitnesses. If a trans person being attacked by other people, she/he can record the criminal evidence by using camera systems.

2. Always keep a defensive tool at home

Gun is a hot topic nowadays, and many transgender people are killed by gun, why don't you keep a gun at home to protect yourself legally? However, keep it if it's legal.

3. Lack your home entry

Keep your windows, door and other home entries locked, especially at night or when you go out. Homes of transgender people are easily to be attacked by bad guys, and the home of transgender women are easier to be attacked than homes of other transgender people. It's very important for all transgender people, especially transgender women to keep their home entries lacked. If your are a single trans woman who is living alone, you need to care more about your safety.

4. Keep united

Transgender people can built a shemale community and keep united. Fighting for their own rights and become stronger by this way. As I know LGBT community is the biggest community for transgender people, and transgender people can also create other communities like LGBT community. Solidarity means strength, it's never too late to create a trans community to protect transgender people.

5. Don't go out alone

Don't get out alone, especially at night. Transgender people who get out alone are easier to become the target of murderers. If you need to go to somewhere remote, you'd better ask some friends to go with you. Going out alone at night is very dangerous for everyone, as a transgender person, you should pay more attention to your security at night.

6. Get rid of bathroom violence

Bathroom is an important part for transgender people, and it's always the corner of transgender problem. If you are attacked in the bathroom, call the police or other people near you for help, and you can also do like this when you encounter harassment in any public places. Never get into a bathroom that makes you uncomfortable, or unfriendly to you. If you don't like to share a bathroom with other people, choose a private bathroom for yourself, it's safe for transgender people.


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