Questions You Shouldn't Ask While Trans Dating!

Well, there is no limit to anything when you are in love and have reached a certain level of togetherness in any kind of relationship. The same thing goes with the trans relationship but when you are new to someone and just starting trans dating you got to be sure of things. There are several questions and compliments you should not give to your partner when you are newly dating a. Trans person. Have a look at these points.

Are you sure?

Why are you even thinking of asking something like that. That's being rude and not behaving properly type of a question. Only they know who they are. You are not with them to judge them, criticise them or ask them anything that questions their identity. If you are really into them then go forward otherwise don't just try to embarrass them for any type of knowledge. It is just so bad to ask someone a question like this directly on their face. If someone tells you they’re trans, just accept it with ease and politely. You can not argue or judge their identity. They are what they are and so does you. You need to Accept people as they are, and don’t treat anyone any differently than you normally would. You’ll be a lot happier once you do. Yes that is how the world works. There are equal rights for anyone and you need to understand this and treat everyone equally.

What If you were straight?

First of all why should they be anything else from whatever they are. How can you tell someone to be something different from what they are. That's wrong. This question will totally ruin the mood of the other man and of course things between you and your partner might not get ahead any more. It's just about being real and nothing else. If they are not hiding anything from you especially their identity so that means you have got the right person for yourself. When you accept them by all means that shows the respect you have in your mind for them and that in turn also increase a level of your reputation in their mind.

Can we become just normal friends?

Why can't they? Why can't you accept the fact that transgender people are as normal as you are. They have emotions. They have the same blood as you have and a heart like yours. They can be the best person for you in any way. They can be your friend, your best friend, sister ,brother or anything. There’s no limit to that. Just remember this by your heart. And please do not ask such a stupid question to your trans date. This is something illogical of you to think off. Just use your mind and don't be judgmental.


Absolutely not! Period. Trans people are not trans because they are greedy for sex or something like that. It is not like that. That is the way they are. You cannot judge anyone from your perspective. You have to understand the perspective too. They may like a boy or girl or other trans maybe but that doesn't prove that they are sex greedy.


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