Some advantages and disadvantages of BBWs and skinny women

In our modern society, many people seek for their love through dating. And a lot of people think that all the men are interested in skinny women, because they have good body shapes and always look very sexy. But as a matter of fact, there are still some men prefer dating with BBWs. So, we can see that both of BBWs and skinny women have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here, i would like to list some of them to you.

At first, let's say something about BBWs. If you have some plus size women friends in the daily life, it is not difficult to find that oversize people are often look very cute and easy to get along with compared with some skinny people. In my personal view, this is a very obvious advantage for the skinny women and it will give those men a great impression which is good for the BBW dating. On the other hand, have you ever think about it--why BBWs are much faster than others? I think one of the main reason is that they are foodies and attach more importance to the food they eat. So, if you date with a BBW, you have many opportunities to enjoy lots of delicious food with her, this is another advantage. And what's more, BBWs always focus on the food and seldom spend time shopping or making up, as a result, they have much time to stay with the man she dated with, it's good for their relationship. But on the contrary, if you eat a lot, your figure will be influenced easily, i mean you may become faster and faster, it is not a good thing for you i think. That's the disadvantage of BBWs. Then, let's move on to the next point and talk something about skinny women. Many skinny women have strict diets or even go on diets in order to keep their body shapes. And at the same time, you can follow her diet, it will help you keep your figure too, it's an advantage. But in contrast, skinny women often like to make up and go shopping to buy something new, it means that they cannot always accompany with you if you need, you will feel a little bit lonely maybe. And the final point is that skinny women are easy to face many problems during their pregnancy, their babies may be weaker than other normal infants sometimes.

All in all, actually my intention of talking about this topic is not to ask you to choose a BBW or a skinny woman, i just want to let you know more about it. And in fact, we cannot say BBW or skinny woman is good or bad, because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that you can find your own favorite and enjoy yourself during the relationship.


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