What Are the Best Topics with Girls

Yesterday, my little cousin Victor told me that his first love was ended. I was surprised to hear that because I knew last month he had a flipping girl. He sent me a picture of the girl and said he knew her on the University's hook up dating site. After all, he has just turned 18 years old, and there are many things he has the right and obligation to do, liking hookup dating with a girl.

But I didn't expect him to fail so soon. I asked him why the girls were with other boys. He told me that he didn't know what to say with the girl, and then there happened to be a boy who also like this girl. Yesterday, the girl agreed to the boy's pursuit. I was still a little speechless after listening. First, I think this girl is a bit playful. Second, I blame my cousin for not telling me earlier that maybe I can help him.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't think I can't find a topic with the girl I like. But it's true that too many boys now have the same problems - they don't know what to talk to girls. Today, I'd like to give a brief answer to the next two topics that I can learn more about.

The first topic is to talk about girls when they were children. You can ask her if she had any interesting things when she was a child, if she had made any mistakes and was punished by her parents, and whether she had played truant with her friends. You can ask these questions because they don't make a girl feel offended.

On the contrary, she will think that you care about her, so you ask her about her childhood. If she had a happy childhood, she would be happy to share her interesting things with you. From these things, you can also indirectly know her family members, whether she is an only child, and whether the family is happy. If her childhood is unfortunate, or her family is poor, it doesn't matter and you can just listen to her.

The second topic is that you can chat with her about the future including yours and hers. This is an very important information because not many girls are willing to chat with boys about this question. If you find your girl is not willing to chat with you on this question or she just says she has no plan, she may just don’t like you.

The importance of this topic is to add her into your future. It doesn't you say she will be your lover, it can also be said that she will be a friend appearing in your anti nausea life. At least, you should make her feel that she is different for you. Then, at the same time, through some of her plans for the future, you can feel her character and her pursuit. You can better understand whether you and she are suitable.

If boys really don’t know what to chat, you can have a try on the topics I mention.


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