What questions should you ask your transgender partner?

When you first meet the attractive transgender women or transgender men on one of the largest transgender dating apps, I am pretty sure you have hundreds upon thousands questions for your transgender partner. But do you really know what questions will annoy your t girls or g guys while the others, tighten the connection between you two? After interviewing more than 2,000 tomboys, crossdressing men, shemale as well as ladyboy, 5 of the most famous transgender apps have teamed up in order come up with a trans dating advice regarding a list of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to questions to ask your transgender partner.

Don’t ask surgery related questions.

So you are dating a transgender person, however, don’t take it wrong that you own them.When it comes to questions to ask your t girls or t guys, surgery is always one of the most touchy issues. Unless you and your trans girls or trans guys have already gotten to a certain level, do not take risks by asking questions about their body as well as the surgery. Keep in mind that their body is none of your business. Why does it matter if the boobs of your partner’s are fake if you are really interested in them for whom they are?

Ask about their interest and lifestyle.

So what does your trans partner like? What are his or her passions? Is it backpacking on a tight budget to travel to other countries? Or hiking in beautiful nature, or simply staying at home and watching romantic series? Ask questions that shows them that you care. Some non gender related questions will certainly help you connect with your trans partner much more faster.
Do not ask questions about their real name.

Asking what your transgender partner’s real name is would be completely inappropriate because it is none of your business. And you will never know if their previous name stand for their past which triggers their sad memories. Also, why don’t you focus on their current name which says much more about their personality.

Do ask about our future plan.

If you plan to enter a serious relationship with your special half, it is important to know what their future plan is. Some are going to continue with their studies, while others want to move to another country before settle down. Ask about their goals and plans about the future.
Don’t ask us about sex related questions.

At least on the first few dates. Because transgender people are not experts about surgery or any sex related topics. Being courageous enough to be whomever they want to be doesn’t mean that they are obliged to answer every question of yours. If you still want to know, do some basic researches at first.

More dos and don’ts are coming on the way, keep an close eye in order to optimize your dating experience with your transgender partner.


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